Jonah has been asked to speak at events across the globe to share insights on building delightful and innovative products. He also regularly runs training and intelligence sessions for funds, investors and consultancy firms.

He now acts as an advisor & mentor to organisations around the world on product, design, and leadership.


TEDx 2017

TEDx, Glasgow ››

Bringing simplicity to complexity: How to design at scale

Liberated Leadership

The Gameplan Consultancy ››

Liberated Leadership interview

Google Design Minutes

Google Design Minutes ››

Maps - Putting the User Front and Center

Design Museum 2017

Design Museum, London

Communicating in a post-verbal world

Google I/O 2014

Google I/O, San Francisco ››

Redesigning Google Maps

GigaOm Roadmap 2013

GigaOm Roadmap, San Francisco ››

Reinventing Maps for a Data-Rich Web

UX Istanbul 2016

UX Istanbul, Turkey

Designing Facebook Riff

Industry 2016

Industry, Newcastle

Product lessons from Facebook Creative Labs

Google I/O keynote 2013

Google I/O keynote, San Francisco ››

Keynote headline: The new Google Maps

NPR: The Kojo Nmamdi Show

NPR radio, Washington D.C. ››

The Next Generation of Online Maps

Social Travel Summit 2016

Social Travel Summit, Scotland

The Future of Search

World Usability Day 2015

World Usability Day, Cyprus

The psychological aspects of usability

Google I/O 2013

Google I/O, San Francisco ››

Design talk: Behind the Scenes of Google Maps

Google I/O 2012

Google I/O, San Francisco ››

Design talk: A Masterclass in Map Styling