Jonah Jones is a designer who helps to create delightful and innovative products

Product design

Product design

Jonah has had the privilege to lead design for Google Maps, Facebook and Oculus, some of the most used apps in the world.
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Product advisor & mentor

Product advisor and mentor

Jonah advises and mentors companies around the world on product, design, strategy, and leadership.
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Jonah has spoken about designing products at events across the globe, including TEDx and the Design Museum.
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In his spare time Jonah enjoys travel, photography, playing tennis and guitar, and spending time with his family.
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Winner of Innovation by Design award.
Featured in Top Creative People In Business.
Featured in 10th anniversary design edition.

Winner, Global Design Special Award 2013.
Winner, Good Design Award 2011.

“Beautiful and graceful and poised to take over the world - Apple-like, in other words”

“Tasteful typography, artful use of white space and flatness, full-bleed imagery, and a general sense of restraint”

“To improve all workday data graphics: directly compare to Google Maps”

“The equivalent of the difference between a Rio MP3 player and an iPod”

“Jonah Jones is tackling the future of virtual and augmented reality ... Even at the peak of his career, no design philosophy is ever set in stone.”

“This, more than anything else, immerses you in VR in a way that makes you feel like you’re in the future.”

“A really cool experience that makes me excited for the future of this technology”

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