Product advisor & mentor

Jonah advises and mentors companies around the world on product, design, strategy, and leadership.

He has extensive experience in Silicon Valley culture, product design, product strategy, growth, scaling, leadership and management, and building high functioning teams.

He has deep vertical product expertise in geo/local, virtual / augmented reality and the metaverse, social, productivity, and monetisation.

Jonah helps to forge teams who create world class products with urgency and focus. He commonly runs executive coaching for managers and leaders, product & design critique sessions, mentoring for designers and product managers, advisory sessions on strategy, and hiring top talent.


Winner of Innovation by Design award.
Featured in Top Creative People In Business.
Featured in 10th anniversary design edition.

Winner, Global Design Special Award 2013.
Winner, Good Design Award 2011.

“Jonah is an exceptional design leader. He has a unique ability to see the big picture of a product space and connect it to the details of design. His ability to connect dots at strategic and executional levels is incredibly valuable. In addition, his ability to frame his ideas with simple but powerful language makes working with him even more impactful.”

- Jon Lax, VP of Product Design at Meta & co-founder of Teehan & Lax

“Jonah is truly exceptional. I trust his design work more than any other individual designer. I only wish we had enough engineers to implement all of his ideas.”

- John Hanke, VP of Product at Google

Product & design advisor to Waze, working closely with the CPO and across the entire product, research and design org.

“Jonah works as a coach to myself and the team. He adds huge value across strategy and UX, leaning on his experience of best practices from fast moving consumer products. He is able to articulate and hone founder insights, and guide the team to think in the right way, move fast, and understand each other better. Product and design are deeply coupled, but a lot of the challenge is also organisational - Jonah is helping us to anticipate and solve issues with both product and people. He is coaching the company to operate in the way of the best Silicon Valley companies.”

- Misha Gopaul, Founder & CEO, FATMAP

“Jonah is advising tl;dv on the entire product and design spectrum, ranging from hands-on design advice to operational coaching and people development. We started out our sessions with just the CEO and head of design, by now more and more people from the team are joining his sessions - it's THAT helpful. Working with Jonah is not only helping us think bigger and bolder, but also develops our confidence to execute across the entire team. It's really inspiring for us to experience first hand how such a seasoned senior leader still has access to a fountain of creativity as if it was his first day in design.”

- Raphael Allstadt, Founder & CEO, tl;dv

“Jonah is clearly a visionary — one of very few that can push the boundaries of product design and challenge the status quo. This gives him a remarkable ability to act as a catalyst for designers and managers to unlock the full potential of a product. Jonah's guidance has been essential in creating a unique and engaging experience for Oxa, a complex full-stack health-tech product.”

- Vincent Martinez, Founder & CEO, Nanoleq

“Jonah has been instrumental in helping frame and pitch product opportunities clearly. His experience brings a multitude of perspectives that help you focus and progress faster with the things that really matter.”

- Martin Salo, Founder & CPO, RealEyes

“Jonah is a seasoned pro; his supportive coaching has helped me transition from being a manager to a leader. His guidance has helped me identify traits and behaviours for growth in myself and carwow's Design team. Jonah is helping us change our design culture and supporting us to mature in how we give feedback and share in design critiques, increasing collaboration and how to grow design leadership in our organisation.”

- Gareth Thomas, Head of Design & Research, Carwow

“Jonah has provided the entire product team with strategic and tactical input on the execution of the product, and how to use shortcuts to speed up the testing and learning process. He also provided invaluable 1-1 coaching to our design team and we saw material improvement across the board after just a couple of months.”

- Rich Vibert, Founder & CEO, Metomic

“Jonah worked as an advisor, coach and mentor to the team from executive level down to individual contributors. He is easy to talk to and can translate his experience operating at world class companies to valuable insights and actionable guidance. He has built strong relationships and has guided us on leadership, product strategy and execution, design and research, hiring process and evaluation, and organisational structure and operations. He can add huge value to any company that he works with.”

- Marcus Rosenberg, VP of Intelligent Services at Securitas

“Working with Jonah is one of the best things that happened to SpotAngels. He has been acting as an executive coach to myself and our Head of Product, and a mentor to our designer. He helped us put principles for product and design in place, which saved us precious time and made our execution substantially better. He has also helped us grow as leaders and operators by providing honest and to-the-point feedback. Not only is Jonah an impressive operator and mentor, but he is also incredibly caring and dedicated. He has made himself available every time we needed him and went above and beyond to help us. Jonah is a world-class advisor who can accelerate trajectories. I strongly recommend him to any startup that he is interested to work with.”

- Hamza Chadhi, Founder & CEO, SpotAngels

“Working with Jonah was the highlight of my experience at the incubator in terms of product thinking. Jonah has given a hugely refreshing perspective, asking really intelligent questions to get us thinking about all areas of the product. He's enthusiastic, inquisitive, and he cares.”

- Katie Massie-Taylor, Founder & CEO, Mush

“Jonah is friendly and professional, his attention and support is clearly genuine. He pushed us to answer the hard questions that mattered, which I'm really grateful for. I really couldn't have asked for more.”

- Alex Heeton, CTO, Tabl

Product & design advisor to Cofenster

Product & design advisor to Clean Kitchen
Clean Kitchen

Expert advisor and speaker to expert networks (GLG, Third Bridge, Guidepoint, others)

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